PPS Netwerk Nederland


Publiek-private interactie in infrastructuur netwerken


Een zoektocht naar waardevolle marktbetrokkenheid in het beheer en de ontwikkeling van publieke infrastructuurnetwerken

For the operation and development of infrastructure networks, the involvement of market organizations is essential. But how do public network managers, such as Rijkswaterstaat and ProRail, involve the market in their network management? Does this involvement also lead to a structural change in the market to sustainable market dynamics based on differentiation instead of price competition? The research tries to understand the complex relationships between a (public) infrastructure network administrator and the market. Through these relationships network management influences the market and is influenced by the market. A change in one these relationships, for example due to a new network or market policy or economic development, affects all other relationships. It is a true challenge to link network management and necessary market involvement to a market approach, which generates added value for the network while simultaneously stimulating a sustainable market dynamics. The understanding of the relationships helps to understand the current practice, and provides a basis for evaluating proposed policy changes ex ante.

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